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Vand 5x10 Portable CNC Plasma Cutter for Cut 20mm with 120AMP Plasma Power
12345 EUR

Utilizator eaglecnctec (7 anunturi)
Telefon +8653182956850
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Locatie Strainatate
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Data anunt 20-09-2018
5x10 Portable CNC Plasma Cutter for Cut 20mm with 120AMP Plasma Power
5x10 Portable CNC Plasma Cutter for Cut 20mm with 120AMP Plasma Power
from Jinan EagleTec CNC Machinery Co.,Ltd.

Brief: This sheet metal portable cnc plasma cutter EagleTec EA-P1530PL is adopted man carried construction, 120amp plasma power source and 5x10 working size. A portable design enables the cnc plasma cutter can be placed in different places as needed. For example, we have a 12 meter long sheet metal that needs to be cut, and a plate of this size is not easy to move. So we can carry the portable cnc plasma cutter and put it on the sheet metal, and then we can start cutting. It is a good solution for large metal cut. Suggested cut thickness is 20mm maximum because it is equipped with 120a plasma.

Application: Cut 20 portable cnc plasma cutter is good for cutting steel, aluminum, stainless steel, sheet metal, iron, copper, brass up to 20mm thickness. (suggested, not it’s limit)
Image – low cost cut 20 portable cnc plasma cutter image

Low Cost Portable CNC Plasma Cutter Machine Specification
Man-carried construction
120 amp power, Huayuan brand
Image – huayuan plasma power 120amp image
With portable plasma torque height controller
Image – plasma torque height controller and system image
STARFIRE cnc plasma cutting system
Image – starfire cnc plasma cutting system image

Optional Configuration
Flame cutting torque can be added as per your request, that will mean the machine with two torques totally, one plasma and one flame.
The 5x10 portable cnc plasma cutter can be equipped with other powers below:
63amp, 100amp, 160amp, 200amp (Brand Huayuan - China)
45amp, 65amp, 85amp, 105amp, 125amp, 200amp (Brand Hypertherm - USA)

Plasma Cutter Consumables
Plasma cutting nozzle, electrode, shield, retaining cap, swirl ring

Portable CNC Plasma Cutter Accessories
Plasma cutting nozzle – 20PCS
Plasma cutting electrode – 20PCS
CNC plasma software FAST CAM – 1 SET (English Language)

Package: EagleTec portable cnc plasma cutter is packed into three wood packages in SKD mode. Their package sizes are 3600x30x30mm, 90x85x45mm, and 55x50x50mm.
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